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Our fairly-priced yet very effective rat control and rat removal services are available for both residential and commercial clients in Ahwatukee and all of the Phoenix Valley area.

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We understand that most of our clients simply can’t wait long to resolve rat problems in their property. Ahwatukee Rat Control offers timely service at an affordable price. Our friendly team of professionals will look for the best rat control solution most suitable for your situation. Don’t hesitate to reach out to our team to request an inspection appointment!

Reliable Rat Control Services in Ahwatukee

Rats exist everywhere in the world, except in the coldest continent of Antarctica. So if you see a rat or a few on your property, don’t worry, you are not alone. But this also doesn’t mean that you should take the situation for granted. If rats thrive on your property because they can freely move around, find food, and a place to hide, then you might have to worry about a bigger rat problem later on. They can end up damaging your property. Rats also bring viruses with them that are potentially fatal. You don’t have to worry though because our team is here to help.

Ahwatukee Rat Control has been in the business of rat control and rat removal for many years now. We’ve lost count of how many rats and mice we’ve captured over the years in both residential and commercial properties. The presence of rats on your property is a serious problem. Small as they may be, they are very dangerous as they can bring harm and sicknesses to your family and pets. When you spot even just one of them in your home or office, call us right away so we can remove them for you.

Sometimes, removing rats don’t provide a permanent solution to the problem. Remember, there are many more of them out there. So even if you remove a few from your property, it’s only a matter of time before new rats come in. Therefore, Ahwatukee Rat Control offers effective methods in controlling these rats to keep them away from your property for good. If there are holes or damages on walls, screens, and other areas of your home or office that allow access to rats and other rodents, we’ll help you repair and seal those down. We will set up traps in areas of concern to capture the remaining rats so you won’t have to worry about them anymore.

We are here to help you find the best rat control method most suitable to the current situation on your property. Call Ahwatukee Rat Control today to set an appointment. We’ll have our team visit your home for an inspection, we’ll give you our findings and recommendations, then provide you with a quote. If you contact us today, we’ll book a schedule for you right away. We look forward to hearing from you!

Rodent Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Does Ahwatukee Pest Control And Rat Control Cost?

This is a difficult question to answer as rat problems can be very severe or very easy to control in Ahwatukee. For example, you might have a lone rat that snuck into your house or you might have hundreds of rats running around your attic and within the walls. A great way to find out how much our rodent control costs would be to give your pest control company a call and ask about pest control services. We will do our best to give you a quote over the phone and if we can’t, we for sure can come to the affected home or area and give you a quote in person. For the most part though, we come prepared. We generally can give a quote over the phone and then bring traps, ladders, bait, and flashlights so we can get to work right when we get to your home. We are a full-service pest control company servicing all sorts of pest problems.

Who Is The Best Rat Pest Control Company In Ahwatukee?

We are the most established pest control services company in Ahwatukee! We try and focus as much as we can on just removing rats from residential or commercial properties. We have even been known to attack rodent jobs in industrial complexes. They always say that it’s good to be an expert in one field rather than be a jack of all trades but a master of none. Our website is only focused on rat removal because that’s what we do and we do an excellent job of it. Give us a call and we can explain our processes and what makes us the most successful rat pest control removal company in Ahwatukee!

Who is Responsible For Rat Control in A Ahwatukee Rental Property?

This is a question that is very difficult to answer. This really depends on your situation as a renter. A great idea would be to call your landlord and explain that you are being overrun by rats and start the conversation that way. Tell them that you have contacted a pest control services company already. It is true that the landlord generally does pay for the rat removal treatment from a pest control company but this isn’t always the case. Pest control can be either the tenant’s responsibility or the landlords. The most important thing to do is mention to your landlord that you have looked up the dangers of having a rat infestation in your home and are worried about your health. 

What is Rat Control?

Rat control in Ahwatukee is eliminating rats or other rodents from your affected property. This is all encompassed in our pest control program in Ahwatukee. It involves an inspection first. During this inspection, we determine the severity of the issue and come up with a game plan for rat removal treatment. Most of the time, we set traps to catch the rats and also we inspect the home or property for where the rats are getting into the home from. This is the most important step by far. It’s very important to figure out where they are getting in from and get those areas sealed out so the rats can’t get back in. Be careful with this and give us a call so we can help, as you don’t want to trap the rats within the property. There is a delicate balance between starting trapping and sealing out of the property. Be informed!

What Does Rodent Control Prevent in Ahwatukee?

Rat removal Ahwatukee prevents rats from living inside your home, office, or industrial complex in Ahwatukee. It ideally will prevent any rats from being in the area inhabited by humans. This isn’t always possible though. We have serviced large farms for rat control and a 100% success rate is not realistic for pest control. With that being said though, a home or business should never have rats in it. A 100% success rate should be obtained for areas like this. Give us a call and be sure to ask about pest control for your home or business.  

How Do You Do Your Own Rat Control in Ahwatukee?

Doing your own rodent control is both possible and feasible but difficult. Most people end up calling Ahwatukee rat removal because we can usually come out same day, and we come prepared with not only the right tools but the right training over the years to get rid of your rat problem. We are a locally owned full-service pest control company specializing in your pest problem.

How Much Time Does It Take To Eliminate A Rat Problem?

This is also a difficult question to answer. It really depends on us as the rat removal company and the person occupying the property. Is the person occupying the property maintaining the area in a clean manner. Has the owner had the chance to seal out the areas where the rats are getting in from? In general, we can have a rodent problem eliminated within 2 visits. The first visit, we come out and assess, set traps, and give a quote on seal out work. The next visit we would come and remove the used traps and set more in different locations to catch as many rats as possible. After the second visit, the rat problem should be eliminated completely. 

How To Keep Rats Out of Your Ahwatukee Home?

This isn’t always possible to keep rats out of your home depending on where you live. Your neighbors might not care well for their property and rats live inside. You might live in Ahwatukee next to a huge field and rats are everywhere. The most important thing to do is precautionary measures to keep any type of rats out. Periodically check your property for areas that look like they could be used by rats to gain access to the home. Make sure to seal out these areas periodically to prevent the rats that live outside from getting in! 

How To Get Rid Of Field Rats?

Field rats are the kind of rats that you see in fields, public parks, and occasionally in your home. They are very common in Ahwatukee these days and this time of year. They are okay to live outside and are impossible to eradicate in their natural habitat. The problem is that they get into the home and cause problems. Field rats would be treated the same as any other rat problem. Inside we would treat with trapping and perhaps if outside is a problem as well, we would use baits and traps outside with caution. Outdoor cats can help but keep your outdoor spaces organized. Field rats love to live and build homes in tight spaces. Make sure to eliminate as many of these “potential” rat homes as much as possible. 

What Kind of Rodenticide or Rat Poison Should I Use In My Home?

A lot of homeowners call us with Ahwatukee pest control questions on how to get rid of rodents in their home. One of the main questions is should they use rodenticide or rat poison. We always urge our customers to consider other ways of getting rid of their rat problem other than throwing poison around the home. The problem with this approach is that the rats will eat the poison and go hide in the walls or in their nests to die. Then the homeowner doesn’t have a rat problem anymore but now has a smell in their home from the dead rodents in the walls. This can be quite a disaster as you can imagine. It’s best to let the pest control experts use rat poison and it’s almost always used only outside. As your preferred Ahwatukee pest control company, please give us a call when facing this issue or any other common problem with pest control.  

Is There a Guarantee That Comes With Getting Rat Control?

This is also a hard question to ask for any Ahwatukee pest control company. Yes, there is a guarantee as long as Ahwatukee Rat Removal is able to access the home, setup traps in the appropriate locations and we are allowed to seal out the home from these unwanted pests. If we are only able to setup traps and give recommendations, then we unfortunately cannot give a guarantee. Setting up traps in key locations is only one part of our treatment. The homeowner really would need to have us seal out the home so that the rats cannot reenter in a few days, weeks or months. 

How Do You Know If You Have a Rodent Problem? 

Unwanted pests and rats are attracted to warmth and food. The main season for rats in people’s homes or businesses is the wintertime when the rodents are looking for warmth. Unfortunately, our homes and places of business are perfect places for rats to congregate and breed. It is important to keep food in tight containers. Check your pantries and anywhere you have food for signs that the rats have already gotten in. You will see feces and chewed containers if they are already feeding off your supply. Give us a call when this happens and we will take care of this rat problem for you. 

How can you tell if your rodent control plan is working?

Well, the first thing that you will notice is that you will hear less annoying pests in your home. You will also notice, if you check the traps yourself, that we are catching rats in them. This is important. If a few days has passed and you haven’t seen us catch any rats then give us a call. Rats are smart animals and its necessary, sometimes, to place the traps in different locations or use different baits. All our programs come with multiple visits for this very reason. 

Are Rat Feces Bad For Your Health?

Almost all pest control companies would say that rodent feces are not good to have around your home. Yes, rodent feces are not good for humans or pets and should be cleaned up as soon as possible. During our pest control and rat removal program, be sure to ask your technician about the cleanup procedures that we offer for this very reason. It’s important to clean up as much of the fecal matter as possible and disinfect as much rat urine as possible. We handle rat removal issues all the time and we know how to expertly clean your home. Again, give us a call for more pest control details. 

How Do You Get Rid Of A Dead Rat Or Rat Inside A Wall?

This is a very bad situation for both your pest control company and your home when this happens with these annoying pests. This would be when you contact us for pest control services. The only way to completely get rid of the smell would be to open the wall and remove the dead rat. We have plenty of experience with this or you can do it yourself. Because the cost to open up walls is expensive, a lot of customers decide to just let nature run its course and within a few days the smell goes away. If this doesn’t solve your pest control problem, please give us a call for a consultation for your pest problems or for advice on other pests. 

How Do You Know If It’s A Rat Or Mouse Problem in Your Ahwatukee Home?

This is a great question for us as a pest control company. We get asked this a lot as a pest control services company! Rats are generally louder, have larger feces, and are much easier to spot than rats. Be sure to find evidence of chewing or fecal matter because rats are much larger, they tend to disrupt a lot more than rats do. Rats tend to try and stay hidden more than rats. In general, a good Google search for “rat versus rats feces” will bring up hundreds of pictures for you to see and decide for yourself what type of rodent problem you have. Also, give us a call as your pest control company and usually, based on your information, we can tell what kind of rodent problem or pest problem you have. 

Where Should The Rat Traps Be Placed?

Our pest control services technicians will come prepared with special lights to detect where the rats have been traveling around your home. As the rats are moving around your home or office, they are urinating to mark their territory as well as keep track of how to get back to their nests. Aside from this being very gross for your family or workers, this allows us to see where they have been traveling the most. It is usually in these areas that the traps are placed. We will come out and assess the proper locations. If for some reason, the area we chose to set up the traps isn’t working, then we will come back out and move the traps to a more suitable location. Again, this is something that Ahwatukee Rat Removal will help determine as your pest control company.